About De Bolton

Giving you health improvement accountability and encouragement for Christian Women making strides to honor their temple.

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

What fuels my faith? I am all about God, love, fun, adventure and adding my two cents where it doesn’t belong or sometimes saying what needs to be said but others are to shy or polite. I am hoping to bring to other Jesus girls a fresh place for them to feed their soul with devotions, health and fitness; feed their family (like with actual yummy food recipes); raise their family in faith and grace (your children and your grown up child aka spouse); and also have a community of other mom’s who just want to keep the faith and honor their temples too. I hate being pigeonholed into one topic and one thing I just need a place to be me and find other people who can appreciate me for the crazy Jesus girl that I am. Sounds like a lot? It is which is what would sum me up in a one “About me” statement. “De Bolton is a whole lot of everything fueled by her faith.”

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